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I’m a big fan of lifestyle design or as some people like to call it living a life of design and intent. Everybody has their own version of the 4 hour work week. When it comes to designing the lifestyle I want to live I look at a concept I came up with called the lifestyle triangle.The lifestyle triangle is pointing out the 3 biggest categories in your life that you want to optimize.

The 3 things that I want to optimize in my life are Health, Social Life and Freedom. Keep in mind I love Basketball, Women and Freedom that’s what makes me unique with a unique lifestyle design. Now lets break them down.

Health>General Fitness>Physical Performance>Basketball

Freedom ≥Wealth ≥Time ≥Money>Traveling>Women

Social Life ≥Family>Friends>Women ≥Sex

A triangle has 3 points. Now to keep things simple I will use one of the subjects from the 3 categories I have.

Ideally you want your triangle to look like this.

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The trick is to have a lifestyle that develops and maintains all 3 points. Most people aren’t living the life they want to live. Most people are stuck in some kind of rat race that life has sucked them into.

I will use myself for example. When I was deployed in Iraq my triangle looked like this.


Being on deployment I had no utilities to pay, food was free there was no reason to buy clothes accessories or any stuff of that nature that people spend money on and there were no bar or clubs for me to go blow money on the weekend. I was able to save my whole paycheck tax free. I would also go to the gym everyday after work and got in real good shape.

Sadly there was no pussy for me for 9 months 🙁


When I got out the Military my triangle look that this.


I had all the free time in the world. I was able to travel to different countries and states chasing all the women I wanted as I pleased. I had freedom. What I didn’t have was a paycheck and a steady workout regimen. The money I had saved dwindled and all that partying beer drinking ho chasing and eating whatever I want caught up to my body. Its hard finding a good gym and maintain a steady workout regimen when you are always traveling.

As a truck driver my triangle looked like this.


I was making good money but my social life and body suffered greatly. I got out of shape from hardly being able to go to the gym and eat good food. Women? There was no time to party or meet women as truck driver. You had to keep the truck moving and the few times it did stop it was only for a couple of hours.


Right now my triangle is not exactly where I want it to be but it is becoming more congruent with the lifestyle I want to live.

I’m a basketball official and graduate to become a certified personal trainer next month.

As I mention before I love basketball. As an official I can be involved with the game I love while making money at the same time.

As a personal trainer. I have a way to make money, my job consist of working out and getting people in shape and the sexiest women LIFT ;).

What are the 3 biggest categories in your life?

What does your lifestyle triangle look life?



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