Kit cars and why you should get one.

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What if you could have all the POWER RESPECT STATUS and ATTENTION for only a fraction of the price?If I had a lil bit of play money this would be a social experiment I would like to implement. My theory is that you will be able to pull and lure women no problem and by women I mean gold diggers and birds. Not only that but you will also command the attention from your male counter parts with thumbs up or hate either way your too busy digging into new pussy to care.

 Kit cars can range anywhere from $5000 to $50,000 depending on if you build it yourself and what is under the hood.

Lets assume your a millionaire or make over $100,000 net income a year and you decide to get a Lamborghini Aventador replica for $40,000

ok for most of us 40G is nothing to sneeze at but lets compare that to the real cost of a Lamborghini Aventador of MSRP  $397,500 plus 50G to get the convertible version. Your paying 10% of the price while still commanding the attention you want.

Luckily this guy already did the social experiment


LOOK most people have never ever seen a lambo in real life so how are they going to tell you its fake when they have never seen a real one?

I have seen about 10 lambos during my travels. Some people see them all the time depending on where they live. And ever single time I see them with their loud colors and aggressive stance I can’t help but to notice them and other people can’t either.

People are gona look.

All 10 lambos that I have seen rolling down the road could have BEEN FAKE!  How would I know?

My first response to an exotic car is admiration. NOT

Is it FAKE? It  must be FAKE!!

What you do is get a nice legit Benz for around $60 grand and wear suits all the time. When people see you Mon-Fri they only see you in a suits and jumping out a Benz. Use the Lambo as your “weekend rider” obviously you have money, so why would your Lambo be fake? They have never seen one or driven one so how would they know? The only way they would know is if they are always around them, have one or driven one. (Yes this scheme is less effective if you live in Miami or Vegas where locals see them everywhere.)

Do you honestly think someone who legitimately owns a real one will stop whatever he is doing to waste his breath and call you out for having a fake one? Do you honestly think a millionaire has the time to knock on your door just to call you a faker? NO

Also a lot of the SUPERCARS you see in magazines ARE KIT CARS. Yes and they also use photoshop on the bitches that be modeling in them too. People don’t know real from fake anymore.


So your a businessman. Why buy a depreciating asset for $400,000 when you can have all the POWER RESPECT STATUS and ATTENTION for only a fraction of the price and still use the remaining  money to invest in “business”. Why pay more for less.

You can even use the Lambo as a daily driver and if it gets wrecked in a car accident. You lost 40G not 400G.

You can get a POWERFULL  LS7  engine, super charge it for a lil over $10,000 slap that bad boy on your kit car and smoke motherfuckers off the line.  So what if my car is “FAKE”? Its faster than yours and gets more pussy? What’s your point?

Again. Why pay more for less?

Anyways Its illegal to driver faster than 80mph and the whole point is to drive SLOW so the girls can see you. Watch the youtube video again he is NOT going 80mph


Lets face it, driving this thing is peacocking to the max and you know that your going to attract gold diggers and birds.   You know your not gona marry these hoes. Just go out and have fun with your BIG BOY TOY.

Look at how this guy turned his 2003 Eclipse into a Lambo and it didn’t cost him $400,000

Yes he also got Bitches too.

At the end of the day ALL I’m SAYING is.


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