What I learned from my Training Engineer

I was with my training engineer for 3 weeks. Shane Black thought me some tips and tricks of the trucking industry but since I already had prior experience the learning curve wasn’t much. What interested me the most was the seductions he had experienced in his life. Shane was a 6ft 6in white male weighing about 280lbs. He claimed to have missed qualifying for the Olympic shooting team by one point in high school. Shortly after he joined the marines and was gun ho about being a hardcore marine, he had aspirations of being the sergeant major of the marine corps. During an evolution he suffered an “accident” to his foot and was medically separated. We got along great and were generally on the same page most of the time. I ofcourse was a fan of the sea stories and seduction.


A Bostonion in Greece. The first story he told was of a port call he had in Rhodes Greece. Having my own fond memories of Greece I was instantly interested in what he had to say. CIMG0167Rhodes Greece. He when out with his buddies into the notorious Bar St. Like the name implies its basically a street lined up with bars. http://youtu.be/buhAy2badkw He meet a girl from Boston doing a euro tour with her girlfriends. Supposedly he banged her in the restroom of some bar. He didn’t remember banging her or getting back to the ship because  he was drinking like a fish the whole night and was tossing back ouzo like water. Shane woke up extremely hung over the next day and had no desire of leaving the ship. His buddies tried to convince him to go out but to no avail they left for shore. When his buddies got to the pier they saw that the Boston girl was waiting for Shane at the dock. One of his buddies took the ferrie back to the ship found Shane and told him “DUDE the girl from Boston is WATING for you at the PIER”. One of the corpsman who was friends with Shane overheard what was going on and stuck Shane with an IV. He got off the boat and spent more time with the Bostonian. He would bang her on and off even after he had gotten out of the military. Mexican Gilf. He also talked about the time he spent in Mexico fighting along side the Mexican police against the drug cartels. The marines “weren’t supposed to be there” but they were but it supposed to have been kept hush hush. Anyways during one of his days off, he approached a fine ass woman. The woman started laughing and said that she was 60yrs old. Shane was 22yrs at the time. The daughter came up and she was 19yrs, She was fine as hell too he claimed. He didn’t get anywhere with them but did say that that was the first time he wanted a GILF. I found it entertaining that he was able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Latinas from south of the border.

The Engagement Ring

Shane is married now and out “The Game”. He walks around and gets a lot of IOI’s. It would say mostly because he is white, 6ft6in and has confident body language. He admits it as well but he claims that the Engagement ring ads to it. He went on to say that when he was younger he was good with women. One night he went out and met an older gentleman who was also good with women. The older gentleman told Shane that if he wore and engagement ring, his number of lays would increase. Shane called BullShit but the older gentleman laughed and told him to at least try it. Sure enough Shane put on an engagement ring as an accessory and he got 10 lays in 30 days. He claimed that he even SNL’d 2 girls in one night from the same venue. The theory behind it is that. : If the women thinks your engaged or married your more likely to keep it discreet and No Strings Attached. It’s going to truly be a one night stand and your not going to try to control her or become clingy/needy because your engaged/married and you would want to keep it a secret more than the woman. I also think its the power shift because the woman has the power to control the tempo of the relationship. The reason why is because she can black mail you by threating your marriage. She’s got you by the BALLS SON. Then again it was just an accessory. I haven’t tried it myself but I am open to experiment with it once I start traveling and gaming hard again.

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