Taco Tuesday & Lesbian Seducers


Standing at the salsa bar like I usually find myself on taco tuesdays,  I was opened by the guy next to me as he said. “Girls taking girls on dates, I have enough competition dealing with all the men, now I have to deal with other women taking  women” He smiled and shook his head as he was trying to be funny. I looked over at the line and saw two lesbian couples standing in line waiting to order. Who was the Masculine and who was the Feminine in the couples was apparent.

I responded with “You know what they say 10% of men sleep with 90% percent of women” I don’t think he heard me as he had already started to turn and walk toward his table.

The rule of thumb has always been 10% of men sleep with 90% of women.

I thought about what he said along with the rise of feminism, gay rights/pride. The constant complaint from women that men don’t know how to be MEN. 

The media demonizing of male sexuality.

Lesbians becoming more seductive and successful at turning women out on a consistent bases than some MPUA’s are at getting dates.

Maybe the Algorithm of 10% of men sleep with 90% women is broken 

Maybe it should be 10% of SEDUCERS sleep with 90% of women.

are you a seducer?

are you in the 10%?

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