How I increased my credit limit by $2500 without even asking!

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I have a 1k credit card and a 5k credit card. After taking Glendon Cameron’s – Build Repair and Enhance your credit course, I applied what I learned right away.

Three months down the road I casually checked my bank account to find that my 1k credit card had been increased to a 2k credit limit and my 5k credit card had been increased to 6.5k credit limit.

That’s an extra $2500 credit at my disposal if I ever feel the need to use it and have $100 in rewards points. The Course paid for itself !


I simply stopped using my Debit card and used my 1k cash rewards card for everything I would normally use the debit card for. Every 3 or 4 days I would login into my bank account and pay off the cash rewards card.


I still owe on my 5k card but I pay off my 1k cash rewards every 3, 4 days.

The extra $2500 available credit feels nice and so do the rewards points :).

That’s just one nugget I learned from the course. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Lots of valuable information and if you do it right the course will pay for itself.

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  • You lost me a little here interesting stuff though. I’ve been using some tricks myself like basically having a free loan by using balance transfers.

  • That sounds awesome. I’m going to do this at some point.

    • Do it right away. What are you waiting for? Your leaving money on the table!