False Time Constraint

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When a stranger approaches, you are immediately wondering what does this person want and when are they going to leave.

The False Time Constraint is a technique that designed to put peoples guard down.

When a woman is approached by a man that she is not initially interested in she will be wondering how long will it take for the annoying man to leave and hopes that the unattractive man doesn’t linger.

The False Time Constraint involves you stating that you are leaving or on your way out early in the interaction. Thus the female knows that you don’t plan on lingering and she is more open to earnestly answering your question than focusing on how to get you to leave, since your (supposedly) on you way out.

Examples of opening with False Time Constraint’s are:

“Hey I’m on my way to work but I couldn’t help but to notice you. I love your outfit. Etc ….”

“Hi I’m on my way to coffee shop xyz to meet a friend but wanted to ask you ladies a quick question.”

In a club/bar setting I like to use them in the middle of a conversation as a way to smoothly remove myself from a set.

When your interacting with a female, the conversation can start to die out. This a perfect time to excuse yourself with a False Time Constraint. Using an FTC to remove yourself from a conversation is infinitely better than lingering in awkward silence.

If your running out of things to say after a good exchange, excuse yourself by saying that your going to check on your friends or that your going to get a drink. Ideally you want to leave on a high note and leave them wanting more.

To many guys want to stay in set and PLOW through the interaction. Staying in set with no sense of purpose can come across as clingy and approval seeking, uncool. You don’t have to CLOSE on the initial interaction.


Take this time to interact with other people, work the room and think of things you want to say when you reengage who you want to talk to . Do be stagnant or needy, stay on the move and let your conversations flow.

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