The International ROK Meetings and Party Crashing Media

UFO crash landing at Central Market 

When Roosh first purposed the International ROK meeting, I was excited to meet like minded heterosexual men within my local community. The meeting wasn’t even about women or “pick-up” it was about heterosexual males talking about anything and everything masculine.

What was supposed to be a simple meet up, turned into a full out shit storm that no one ever foresaw coming.

One can objectively understand why the media used Roosh as click bait with the headline ( Misogynist RooshV  ” Legalize Rape” blogger organizes Pro Rape Rally”! ) and the many variations there of.

Obviously the the headline worked and had millions of clicks world wide.

The problem lies with how the masses ate it all up without doing any due diligence.
The article clearly states: “Tribal meetings will not tolerate the promotion of illegal actions and will not engage in violence. Any man that suggests violent activity will be seen as a provocateur or government agent.” CLEARLY THIS MEANS NO RAPING !!!

It’s one thing to read the head line and say “Fuck that dude” It’s another to organize counter rallies with the intent of using violence.

People are quick to deliver death threats online instead of taking the two or three minutes to read the articles in question? Scary Times.

Which leads to why the meetup was canceled. Misleading headline and death threats.

I know a lot of valiant readers still wanted to show up but here are two things consider.

  1. We were outnumbered.
    The amount of signatures for petitions against the meet up world wide was in the 100’s of thousands.  On top of that I saw several Facebook groups of where the meetings where to be held with 100’s of people saying that they were going to protest the meet up using violence.While the notion of 300 Spartans vs the Persian empire is cool. The fact that we have to fight a mob of people just to have a couple of drinks is mind blowing
  2. We are not doing anything wrong so there is noting to be scared of.
    The BIGGEST thing to learn from all this is the IMMENSE amount of SLANDER and Blatant Lies that the media will fabricate to ruin you. Even if you did nothing wrong the media has the power to  fabricate a story about you and will all know how THE MASSES will do it’s due diligence before engaging into any acts of violence.

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”
Malcolm X

It’s not about Roosh, It’s about YOU and ME. 

ROK has various writers that talk about many topics besides women. The meetup was so readers can meet and share ideas. It was not a “Rape Rally”.

Roosh is not omnipresent. If it was about Roosh, protesters should have rallied against the meeting where he would have been present, why threaten the other 160 meet ups world wide? Because the media says it’s a “Rape Rally” ? Which it was not. The meet up article even states.
“Tribal meetings will not tolerate the promotion of illegal actions and will not engage in violence. Any man that suggests violent activity will be seen as a provocateur or government agent.”


Do we honestly live in a world were heterosexual men can’t come together?


Serious or Satirical?

People want to argue if the “legalize rape” article was satire or not and how “rape” is a taboo subject.

The question I ask is, Roosh wrote about rape but when a gang of 1000 men sexually assaulted women in Cologne Germany, where were the protesters? Where are the signatures of a petition?

When something real happens, it gets some media coverage but when a guy living in his mom’s basement writes an article, the media blows up with hysteria and he receives death threats?

It’s easy to gang up on one man living with mom.

Why don’t the internet tough guys fight the refugees?

“The pen remains mightier than the sword. Governments were mobilized because of a one man with a blog.” Mike Cernovich Danger & Play 

Photo Credit: David Ingram via Compfight


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