Becoming a Dr. as a teenager in 4 steps.



Malachi Love-Robinson is an 18-year-old charged with posing as a doctor. The young man opened and  ran a clinic for months, successfully getting money out of people. 

While I do not promote malpractice and fraud, my interest lies in the hustle and the seduction, that led to Robinson’s success.

Why would anyone believe an 18 year old has the credentials to be a PhD. ?

1.Black Boys are Viewed as OLDER
Although Robinson was 18yrs old. This study states that Black boy are viewed as older.

“With the average age overestimation for black boys exceeding four-and-a-half years, in some cases, black children may be viewed as adults when they are just 13 years old.”

2.The Power of social media
Robinson’s facebook page has been taken down but you can catch a glimpse of it in the video below. It looks well made and convincing enough.He also had his own website. nbnlmedicalcenter.com
Upon Close inspection you can see errors in his “staff” page.

3.He DRESSED the part.
During my seduction research I came across this interesting article.“a UK study demonstrated that people were significantly more likely to recall health messages when the healthcare professional had a stethoscope draped over their shoulders than when no stethoscope was present. Interestingly the stethoscope never had to be employed. Rather than acting as an effective instrument to inform the medical professional of a potential condition it instead acted as an effective instrument to inform the patient of the wearer’s credibility and knowledge.”The way you dress affects how influence people. What really caught my attention was the power of the props. In this case a stethoscope.

4.Body Language + Oration Skills.
Not only did he wear the lab coat with confidence. Robinson held a press confidence like a natural politician.

In the videos below.
He looks good in the suits and has great oratory skill. Even under pressure the young man doesn’t lose his dignity saying all the “right things”.



It’s one thing to put on the uniform and look the part and it’s another to maintain the frame(composure) of the uniform

and of course it’s completely something else to be the real deal.

Fake it till you make it can only take you so far and has it’s limits.

Confidence can be built

Oratory skill can be taught. Example Toast masters.

Body language can be taught. Example Acting classes.

I respect the hustle and the seduction that took place but the question I ask is when was he going to stop?

Some people even argue that he is mentally ill suffering from schizophrenia .

Wether he is a Genius or mentally ill is up to public opinion.

The FACTS are that people were SEDUCED.



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  • I was just reading the article. The way you dress is the way that people will perceive you. I seen a picture of the boy and he definitely looks above 18 but PhD’s take decades to get. #NastyNomad