The problem with the magical pick up line

The Problem with


What if there was a MAGICAL Pick-Up Line that could get any woman to have sex with you whenever you wanted?

Since the beginning of time, Man has experimented with alchemy and counterfeit money. Any thing that can give him what he wanted without having to put in the time and  effort.

In fitness and competitive sports, athletes will use illegal substances to gain the EDGE.  In turn the “supplement” industry makes BILLIONS as it it filled with con artists of all sorts trying to get a piece of the pie by selling bogus powders,pills and potions.

The Dating and Relationships industry is no different. Dating coaches, gurus, Pick-up Masters, internet marketers will tell you that they have found the secret. The Magic Bullets to have women eating out of the palm of your hands.

You are only ONE, Trick, Gimmick, Technique away from having more women in your life than you can handle.

I’m here to tell you that there no such thing as THE GOLDEN GUN that will make women drop everything that they are doing to sleep with you no matter the circumstances.

BUT even IF there was.  I wouldn’t use it.

Ok ok, I actually would, are you kidding me? I would go up to all the magazine models and bang them out.

BUT then what? What happens after you get the pussy? You blow your load and roll over. Looking into each others eyes you realize that you have nothing in common, Actually you guys have opposing views on life and can’t wait to kick her annoying, crazy ass out the house but HEY ! You got yours!

AFTER SEX the TRUTH comes out. It always comes out.

If you genuinely want to get to know someone by making an authentic connection. You should be focused on what is the best way for you to express who you are NOT MAGICAL techniques .

BUT IT WORKS!  Yes the techniques work but she is not having sex with you because she LOVES you. She is having sex with you because of the technique. Some guys are like cool, fuck it, I’m not looking for love, I just want to get my rocks off. If that is you, then fine at least you can look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. But there are guys who are in this “GAME”, who are really looking for LOVE. If you want a woman to want you for who you are, work on honestly expressing who you are NOT regurgitating something that you are not, just because IT WORKS.

Getting the pussy is just the beginning.  The number of women you bang doesn’t make you more or less of  a man.

There is more to life than pussy

How is your health? Do you have the body you want? Can you move through life pain free?

How is your wealth? Have you paid off all your debt? Is you business growing?

How is you family? Are you a good father, brother, friend?

Are you a man of your word?

At the core, self improvement is all about learning new skills. That skill can be picking up women, mastering a new language or learning how to drive a motorbike. The objective is to go beyond what you know-go beyond your comfort zone-and tax yourself by learning how to do something new.”

The best investment you can make is to invest your yourself. As you become a well rounded man of quality, women will notice.

The magical pick-up line might get you the pussy but there is more to life than pussy.




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