How The Sexual Life helped me seduce a stripper.


Up to this point I had gotten about 11 or 12 numbers from strippers but I couldn’t get the day 2 and finish. It was my sticking point.  The Identity  PDF helped me get over the hump, here’s how.

June 2013

I signed up for TSL and Steve sent me the Identity PDF to get started on the program. I was in a period of self discovery and soul searching. The PDF came in at perfect timing as it asked me the tough questions I needed to be answering at this point in my life.

Below are three excerpts from the PDF

• Define physical attraction, mental attraction and emotional attraction?

• What are the three most attractive qualities someone can have? How do those qualities affect each other?

•Exercise 5 in the Identity PDF is an important lesson when it comes to connecting sexually with women.  You can literally repeat it back to women, add a few things and build intense connections

So how did this help me bang a stripper? Let me explain.

I had gotten good at seeming non needy, getting past their sales pitch/ alter ego, I could engage the dancer in a REAL conversation along with her REAL name and number. They would feel comfortable talking to me and see me as a FRIEND. I was just the cool guy “pregaming” at the strip club while he waited for his friends to text him. Noncustomer frame.

I could talk to the strippers but something was missing. I needed something to get me over the edge. I needed to engage their sexual brain. With the 3 bullets above I was able to steer the conversation towards sex while talking to her REAL self.

Strip club 101 says go to the club on a slow night because there is less male competition. It was a Friday but it was one of the least popular clubs in the area. There was about 4 guys and 6 strippers, place was dead. I sit down with my corona and “Areola” joined me.  Since the other 4 guys already had a “companion” there wasn’t a rush for her to leave me and hustle other guys. I run my game and find out that she just got out of a long term relationship 3 months ago. She goes on to tell me that she thinks I’m sexy.

This could be true, but she is a stripper and could just be stroking my ego. But I see it as an window to use the bullets above. I smile and accept her compliment. I then ask her ” What do you find sexy in a man?” She starts to name qualities like “Loyalty and Responsibility”

” No No” I say to her ” What do you find sexy in a man physically? Like what is the first thing you notice? I’m not going to lie, I’m a man and I’m an ASSMAN. I like a phat ass it gets my attention but then I talk the girl and get to know her better”. She said  something about arms and abs?

“Cool” now back to the qualities. “yea the physical gets my attention but the 3 qualities I find the most attractive in people and in a relationships are  Loyalty, Authenticity and Communication.” I could see her nod her head and agree with me 100%. I explained how all three qualities affected/complimented each other. I REALLY do find those qualities attractive and she did also.

I had made her Define SEXY , physically, mentally and emotionally. She related with the 3 qualities I found attractive as well as telling me what qualities she found attractive.

The DJ called her to the stage and she left to run her routine. Twerking, nobody showed her any “love” so I went up and casually tipped her Five $1 bills.

After Areola was done on stage, she came back to sit with me. She never asked if I wanted a lap dance or to buy her a drink.  I was being an open and honest expression of myself and she could sense that I was being genuine. I asked her for her REAL name and then asked for her number.

Leaving the club shortly after, we texted back and forth for two weeks but could never meet up.  I had been on vacation visiting family but it was now time for me to hit the road again. I texted Areola something along the lines of

“Hey I really wanted to chill with you, I’m leaving (hometown) Tomorrow”

Areola texted back saying that she really wanted to see me before I left. She then agreed to come over after work.

The biggest thing that lead to my succes with women was not a specific technique but a shift in mindset.

The Sexual Life is an amazing program that not only made me more confident with opposite sex but with how I express myself in everyday life. 

Its FREE for two weeks, try it out !

Sign up before this Saturday.

What else do you got to lose !


No Day two

No Wine and Dining

No paying her phone bill or any of that BS.


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