Should dating coach’s get laid while instructing?


coach's laid

A coach’s job is to bring out the best in his players

There are coach’s who teach guys how to get women by actually getting laid themselves and then telling their student’s how they did it. A SHOW and TELL style of teaching, after all seeing is believing.

The suspicion 

1.The “coach” had hired prostitutes in advance, to dupe the novice into believing the sexual prowess of the “coach”

2.The coach was too busy getting his rocks off instead of actually teaching.

Game recognize Game but when you don’t have game, you can’t recognize bullshit from game.

On the other end there are coach’s who sit on the sidelines “guiding” their students to victory while not actually getting laid themselves. Drinking “club soda” from a distance, the instructor watches his students get rejected left and right, pumping them back up into “state” with motivational quote’s and pats on the back “atta boy”. In the end nobody get laid.

The suspicion

The “coach” Is just a keyboard Jockey spewing out feel good advice while not actually practicing what he preaches.

If the student gets laid, the coach is quick to take the credit.

It’s a double edge sword.

If certain teaching styles don’t compliment certain learning styles.

Which teaching style is better?

“No such thing, bad student, only bad teacher,teacher say, student do.” Mr. Miyagi


In my opinion, a great instructor can customize his teachings to fit the learning style of his student. In a 1 on 1 scenario, the instructor can give his student the proper time and attention.

The problem is when coach’s host boot camps.

Many boot camps are planned out in advance. We are going to teach A, B and C in x Hours to multiple individuals. It’s basically a crash course of techniques. I have never met an individual come out a master after taking a boot camp.

Boot camps don’t give instructors the flexibility to cater to an individual students needs.


I took a boot camp with a “#1 ranked” dating coach. I had seen his videos and learned a lot from his material so I new he was legit and  I respected him. At the time I wanted to SEE what the best in the world could do.

As an experienced player, I found myself day dreaming as instructors went over fundamental seduction theory/techniques.

Thankfully the sun came down and it was finally time to hit the field for some “night game”.

I struck out that night.

But it was ok because I came to see the best in the business Michael Jordan play.

And he just sat there. I never saw him open a single set. Maybe he talked to a girl when I wasn’t looking but all I saw him do was give advice to guys who would come back to him with sticking points.

I understand that we need to do the reps but I wanted to see how the #1 guy in the world does it. Even if he got rejected it would have been cool to see that even the best strike out.

I haven’t taught any boot camps myself but I have taught a great deal of my friends and taken them to the next level.

Even though I’m actively trying to hook up myself.

I can customize the seduction process.

To fit my FRIEND the GIRL and the current ENVIRONMENT.

With all the subtleties and variables present with any given scenario. A one-size-fits-all boot camp is not conducive to the individual.

If any one is serious  about coaching or hiring a coach I recommend that the training be customizable to the individuals.

“I don’t want to hire a bad coach”

In a perfect world a FATHER or older brother would teach.

A REPUTABLE coach shouldn’t have to prove himself every second trying to “control the frame”

The catch 22 is to eventually become a highly respected coach, he has to have multiple eye witness accounts, “infield day/night game videos” and maybe some “lay (porn) videos” for the most ardent nonbelievers and even still that is not enough.

So if the coach sucks the coach sucks , don’t hire him again and write a negative review explaining WHY? At least you can warn other would be students and leave the coach something to work on.

People who do bad business don’t last long.

An expert in anything has been burned three times, Don’t be scared to get burnt.

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