12 for 12 #1 Seducing Hello Kitty


Jan 2012 Virginia Beach, VA

It was the first night moving into the pussy palace, with my new room mates, Franz and Spike. In the last couple of months the the house was the place to be for pre-gaming and after parties. 5 to 15 girls a week would come through the house and now I lived in all the action.

It was a Thursday night, the place to be at, Omega’s, was within walking distance from the house.  With the salsa music going, I grabbed a drink with Franz and people watched. Looking into the crowd, I would recognize the same old faces. The Spanish scene isn’t very big in Virginia Beach.

Suddenly I see a fresh face dancing through the crowd. Slender and lively she smiled as her friends drank and sat. The music switches to Bachata and I make my move.

Coming up to her, I smile and stretch out my hand, She accepts and we dance a couple of songs. She was slightly buzzed and wasn’t the best dancer but she was fun. Talking to her a little bit, I get a good vibe from her and ask her if she would like to get a drink. At the bar, we get to know each other a little more and I tell her that I’m going back to my friend but that I will dance with her again before I leave. Her name was Hello Kitty.

Franz had been watching me game from a distance and gave me the nod. A couple more drinks later, the night started getting old, so I went back to Hkitty and asked her to dance again. As the night came to a close she introduced me to her friends, Bread and Chorizo.

Bread was bangable, Chorizo… not so much. Getting her number Hkitty invited me to eat at Denny’s with them after the club.

After the club, Franz was ready to put the charm on Bread. It was a good 3 on 2.

Arriving at Denny’s, Bread was sitting next to some bum from the club and of course Hkitty was with me, so that left Franz to entertain. Chorizo.


After the grub, I walk Hkitty to her car where she puts on a Hello Kitty beanie (hence the alias Hkitty). With a kiss good night, she rides home with her room mate Bread.

Following up with her the next day, she agrees to go out with me on Saturday.


Entering Bread’s apartment, the carpet wasn’t exactly cheetah print but the brown and black stains would have you thinking other wise. Shirtless toddlers, broken toys and an overflowing trash can, there wasn’t really a place to sit. Hkitty intoduced me to her son Hangyodon, were she told him to behave and listen to Bread while she was gone.

We went back to Omega’s where we did more drinking and dancing. Besides a make out session in the car afterward, not much happened.

The days past by as our busy schedules kept us from meeting up. Finally getting some time off, I met up with her at the laundry mat to hang out. Putting the clothes in the dryer, we walked over to Wendy’s to get some dollar ice cream. Watching Hangyodon run around the laundry mat, I couldn’t help to see myself in him. Oblivious to the poverty, no father figure, raised by a single mother.

We made plans to meet up later on in the week. When the hour came, I texted Hkitty twice. No Response. 10 minutes until the time I was supposed to pick her up I called her. Answering the phone she told me that she just got into a fight with with Bread and that Bread was throwing her stuff out. As a friend I told her that I would be on my way.

Grabbing her valuables Hkitty and Hangyodon got into my car. As she went over what happened, the seductive vibe was gone. I wasn’t really trying to get in her pants at this moment in time, I just wanted to help her.

The lease to my old apartment wasn’t up for 10 days and I still had the keys. I reminded her that I had just moved in with Franz and offered that if she wanted to crash at my old apartment she could. I didn’t have anything left in the Apartment besides some pots, pans and a king size mattress. I wasn’t worried that she was going to steal anything.

Arriving at the apartment, we talked for a bit and I let her know that she needed to be out in week. With all the drama that had happened, the seductive energy was gone and I left. A day or two later I came over to the apartment to see how she was doing. We got some food and went to the bedroom as Hangyodon fell asleep on the living room floor.

I remember feeling tired and I thinking to myself, “I’m going to go for it, If she gives me any resistance (LMR), I’m just going to roll over and go to sleep”

Going for it, she spreads her legs.


Linda Gross

Two weeks ago I was listening to a podcast by Camden McInnes and Linda gross, Where Linda goes over four key concepts in her book.  Mastering Women: Real Truth About Women That Will Change Your Life Forever.

The four key concepts were:





I showed confidence, when I walked up to ask her to dance and Leading the interaction when I asked her for a drink.

The connection was built through the 1 on 1 conversations we had. Connection is basically building  comfort,rapport and talking about commonalities.

Caring was revealed when I offered a solution to her problem. If I didn’t care about her problem I wouldn’t have said tough cookies and called a side chick.

What Linda calls Character/Consistency, I call Congruence. In our first meeting I had told Hkitty that I had just moved in with Franz so it made sense that I had an empty apartment that I just moved out of. It was consistent to everything I had been saying about my life.

At the time I was unaware of Linda’s key concept but as I look back on the seduction I feel as if I touched on those key concepts. I have not read her book but It’s on near the top of my to read list. Look for a review post soon.

Mystery Method M3 module



Opener. The opener was asking her to dance. Not a fancy  pick up line.

Dancing bachata, leading = DHV, Kino. If a girl dances with you for three or more songs then I take that as an IOI and escalate to an Isolation.

Grab Drink= Isolation, Which leads to C1-3

OMega’s Bounce to Denny’s

Laundry mat Bounce to Wendy’s

Isolation in the apartment S1-3

At this point in this particular seduction I had massive value for those of you who play the “value” game. Massive DHV spike for my resourcefulness/resources So much so that LMR was non existent.

Sugar Daddy Game

Even though I’m not a sugar daddy there was an element of sugar daddy game in the seduction. Generally sugar daddies use their “resources” in exchange for “companionship” from sugar babies in a very much quid pro qou relationship model.

Arguments about sugar daddies, is that they tend to prey on women who are in need, using their resources as a bargaining chips. Sugar daddies are also accused of only being able to attract women because of their resources.

When I first saw Hkitty, I didn’t see a desperate woman in need. I just saw a girl who was down to have fun. When her room mate kicked her out, I didn’t see it as an opportunity to take advantage of her. I genuinely wanted to help her and just so happened to have and empty apartment. I also gave her a strict deadline to be out in a week. A true sugar daddy would have said something along the lines of ” It’s ok baby, you can stay with me. daddy will take care of you.” The element that makes it sugar daddy game is that I had “resources” and she gave me “companionship”.

It stands out to me because there was no S1 FOREPLAY or S2 LMR.

I have heard of women having boyfriends just because the guy gave them a place to stay. Why is this any different?


I had no control over her room mate kicking her out during the two week window of me having an empty apartment. While I’m still confident, I would have gotten the bang, luck couldn’t have had better timing.

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