How Pokemon Go can get you money and women.


Nintendo’s stock doubles and fellow blogger meets women using Pokemon GO!

Founded in September 23 1889, Nintendo has had it’s hand in the entertainment industry from playing cards to cab services and love hotels. Now Nintendo is famously recognized as a video game giant, asserting it’s dominance since 1985 with it’s records setting Super Mario Bros.

As the generation of five year old’s who grew up with Nintendo got bored of burning goomba’s with flower power. Gamers turned to Sony and Microsoft, Who offered to satisfy their thirst for blood with titles, Grand Theft Auto, Gears of War and Call of Duty.

Nintendo’s annual revenue has been in decline since 2012.

Nintendo and the WiiU have struggled out of the gate due to a system lacking the computing power of its rivals, and a huge lack in 3rd party support.


WiiU 13 Million.

Xbox One 19.2 Million.

PlayStation 4 35.9 Million.

When Garv V was asked what BRAND was failing in today’s market place, Gary criticized Nintendo for not participating in, in app gaming .

Three months later Nintendo Launches Pokemon Go on July 6th. Ten days after it’s release, Nintendo’s stock doubles adding nearly $10 billion to the company’s market value.

L’inizio Pizza Bar in Long Island City in New York said its sales jumped 75 per cent over the weekend by activating a “lure module” feature that attracts virtual Pokemon characters to the store, thereby tempting in nearby players.

The store’s manager spent $10 to have a dozen Pokemon characters placed in the location.

Maybe Gary V Knows a thing or two about business.

The Pokemon Go app, has been downloaded more times in a week than the dating app Tinder has in its four years of existence.

Blogger 20Nation has shared his day game adventures of meeting women while playing Pokemon Go.

People say that it’s just another trend. I see a brand leveraging technology to get the most out of it’s intellectual property.

You can say “I’m tired of all this Pokemon crap on my Facebook feed” or you can catch up with the times and cash in with money and women.



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