Back From Vacation New Plans for the LIFESTYLE SEDUCTION BLOG

Back From vacation

All Right so I haven’t updated the blog in 30 days. Reason being…

I  went on vacation to the beautifully dangerous Honduras and the Bootyfull Dominican Republic and yes I have stories to tell (Plus Video).

I have been back for about a week and it was straight to work. I’m on the verge of opening a new business. (more about that in the future).

With that being said I still plan on creating content for the blog. My mission is to put out everything I know about seduction, sharing my unique perspective and experiences in hopes that it helps men who are looking for answers. I have found that different mediums allows me to delivery my message more efficiently and effectively than others.

My vision for the future is a Youtube Channel, weekly blog posts, A podcast and more political/seduction cartoons.

Of course this is secondary to my new business endeavor. After three weeks of drinking beer and chasing tail, I’m more motivated than ever to get shit done.

Ho’s come and go, Money comes and goes but GAME stay with you.

Stay tuned for more to come.

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