Freak Ho’s multiply Freak Ho’s


What happen when you mix Nymphos, Jealousy and Hypergamy? 

There is a concept in game called kitty cats compete. Kitty cats compete says: Beautiful women compete against each other for the best man. What really excites a woman is if all her friends are jealous of her because she has such a great attractive man. 

I want to share with you guys a concept I call Freak ho’s multiply Freak ho’s (FHxFH). Similar to kitty cats compete, a concept fueled by hypergamy,  FHxFH involves a special type of girl.

The nympho AKA The Freak. Every girl is a freak, it just takes the right man to bring it out of her. With that being said we all know that some girls or more shy and conservative than others (nice girl). While other girls are more quid quo pro (gold diggers) when it comes to sex. The freak isn’t shy about sex and rarely if ever, turns down a party.


Imagine a party hosted by an young affluent gentleman (Jay Gatsby, Christian Grey, Hugh Hefner). There are five nice girls and five gold diggers.  For the most part, nice girls don’t make the first move and second, nice girls don’t “put out” on the first night. Leaving the five gold diggers to compete for the attention of the gracious host.

The gold diggers sit around sizing each other up as they formulate a plan on how to seduce their target. They know how much they are worth (or could get) and don’t want to sell themselves short. With the night still young, they sit in hopes that their perfect gentleman soon introduces himself.

The host is in the kitchen preparing the drinks, with all the gorgeous women in his house, he wonders if they will like him, who will he talk to first? What will he say? Will the others feel alienated if he introduces himself to one before the other? He makes himself an extra strong drink.

Enter the two freak ho’s

Arriving fashionably late two ladies enter the room. Their outfits didn’t leave much to the imagination, so if your a boobs or an ass man, they got you covered. Not ones to miss a party or a drop of alcohol, they spot the host in the kitchen making drinks.  Without acknowledging the other guests, they go straight into the kitchen and help themselves to some of the drinks.

” Hi I’m Boobs and I’m Ass” They introduce themselves to the host

“Hi uhm I’m (horny)?” he replies.

“Nice place… I love this song… lets party, lets dance.” The two coquettes say.

Before you know it they are having fun with the host making him laugh and smile.

The gold diggers watch from a distance as they think to themselves, ” there is no way those two skanks are going to get my man.” Not ones to be forgotten, they join the party and start to drink and dance in hopes to regain the attention of the host.

IF” all the gold diggers have to offer is “companionship” the two freak ho’s completely disrupt the dating market because they will give up the pussy for free, for the sake of a good fuck.

Many men would rather spend time with an HB7, HB8, HB9 who makes it easy on them (puts out),over a HB10 who is playing hard to get. Why chase the prude when other hot women are obviously showing interest? Besides, who said the gold digger was a 10? The only exception for that is if the man is done playing the field and is looking to settle down with a specific woman.

Here is a fun observation. The next time you go out to a party, there will be women who are too proper/shy to twerk but when a couple of girls start twerking (and get attention from the guys) watch how the other girls start twerking too.

The main manifestation of Freak Ho’s are party girls. Party girls are down for the pregame, the club and the after party. They will get excited when it’s time to take SHOTS (no chaser), they will be the first ones who start dancing (slutty), they will be down to play spin the bottle, strip monopoly/poker/beer pong or any other after party games you want to play. The other girls don’t have to play but if they don’t they probably won’t be getting any play.

Mix jealousy with hypergamy and you get a competitive female environment.

Freak ho’s are unashamed of their sexual nature. Having no problems making things sexual, they force other girls to “put out” if they want male attention.  one freak makes two, makes four and it keeps multiplying.

So what the fuck does this Freak Ho concept/theory have to do with anything?

Check out my next post were I will talk about my first threesome.




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