Is Quantity or Quality the sign of a good Seducer?


Its no secret that by nature men are competitive. From physical feats, finances and women, ambitious men always want more. In competitive environments MORE is often the metric for success but should MORE be the criteria of a great male seducer?

Quantity vs Quality

First of all, any time you compete with somebody to get a woman. It’s no longer about the woman.

Boys will be boys and the locker room talk will continue. “Hey, look at what I did Saturday night”

In a competitive environment one group of men will say Manny had the most women therefore he is the better player . Another group will argue that Manny has no standards and bedded many ugly women. They go on to say that they would trade Manny’s 100 women for Kevin’s 25 sexy women. Kevin is the better player.

At this point the two groups remain divided as the word “quality” is subjective.

Ironically many men will say that they are not seeking validation, as they sit around in a circle jerk, one upping each other.

If it’s not about the men in the locker room and your truly love women(pussy). Why do you give a fuck about the opinion of a man who is on the outside looking in?

Are you seducing the men in the locker room or the woman?

If you’re seducing the men in the locker room,(so they can sign up for one of your bootcamps) then I understand why it is so important for you too look good while you interact with women.

If you’re seducing the woman, why should the opinion of anyone matter, over the opinion of the woman you’re seducing?

For many men the “game” ends when they have sex with the woman. The reality is, getting the pussy is just the beginning…

If your goal is just to put another notch on your belt and get your nut off, cool, own it and admit it. Because if you were doing it to please the woman then you would acknowledge that getting your nut off and rolling over is being selfish. Men are goal oriented, killing their prey or getting the woman. Women are journey oriented. They are less concerned with the end result and are more concerned with the process (the overall experience).

The better business model

Three ice cream shops open in a brand new mall.

Cherry on top, owned by Charles.

Nuts Please! Creamery, owned by Mark.

Banana Splits, owned by Phil.

At the end of the first month the three owners get together and compare sales. In an attempt to acknowledge an employee of the month, the owners talk about their salesmen.

Charles says his salesman sold 10,000 cones at a $1 a piece. For a total of $10,000. He argues that it takes a lot of hustle and sales skill to close 10,000 transactions.

Phil says his salesman sold 2,500 cones at $4 a piece. For a total of $10,000. He argues that it takes more skill to have someone fork out $4 than $1. His salesman is better.

The classic Quantity vs Quality.

Mark’s salesman sold 4,000 cones at $2 a piece. For a total of $8000. In terms of volume and overall sales. Mark’s salesman loses. Yet Mark believes that his shop provides a better product at a better value, with better customer service.

At the end of one month the yelp reviews come out.

Cherry on top: It was only a dollar but tasted like shit! 1 STAR

Nuts Please! Creamery: Great taste for the price, Friendly staff. 5 STARS

Banana Splits: Tasted good but the portions were small for the price,service was slow. 3 STARS.

As the months go by

Cherry on top has only 5% of its customer base from last month come back along with the new 10,000 customers a month

Banana Splits has 10% of its customer base from last month come back along with the new 2,500 customers a month.

Nuts Please! Creamery has 50% of its customer base from last month come back along with the new 4,000 customers a month.

Which one do you think is the the better business model?

The Quality vs Quantity argument overlooks the crucial factor of brand loyalty and CUSTOMER RETENTION. What do customers care about? THE OVERALL EXPERIENCE.

Seduction example

Manny, Josh and Kevin are all Eskimo brothers through a girl named Destiny.

Leaving work, Destiny checks her phone and sees that she is bombarded with messages from male suitors. Upon seeing Manny’s message, she deletes it. Her time with Manny was forgettable. She then reads Kevin’s message. She is open to seeing Kevin again, he was cool. Getting to Josh’s message, her eyes light up as she remembers the great time they had together. She replies to Kevin, by saying that she already has plans to go out with friends, when in reality she is getting ready for another tryst with Josh.

Lets say the three gentleman are in cahoots. They all wanted to see Destiny again. When Destiny accepts Josh’s invite, the other two are left wondering, why did she accept Josh’s invite over theirs?

There is a big difference between,

Destiny saying. “Manny and I don’t have much in common. The sex was bad and it was an overall forgettable experience.”


“ I had fun with Josh. The sex was great and would like to see him again.”

After sex, does she think about you?

And if so what does she say about you?

Destiny doesn’t give a fuck about the guys in the locker room telling Manny how great he is with women.

Does Manny put up numbers? Yes, but this is where it get interesting.


There are many any in the seduction community men and woman who play the power game. I do believe that seduction is natural but I also believe that seduction can be a tool for manipulation. (That is a different argument in itself) For the sake of the power game lets say seduction is a way of controlling and manipulating people. Having power in this context means that you can get people to do what you want them to do.

Manny can bed many women but he can’t get them to meet up with him more than twice. Does he really have power over women?

Kevin dates quality women and goes on several dates with them. But when Josh seduces one of Kevin’s women. The women would rather spend time with Josh than with Kevin. Who has more power in this scenario?

Quantity or quality can not effectively measure how poisonous a seducers venom is.

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  • Good topic here. In my opinion, a lot of game comes down to preference and luck. If a girl is banging three friends, she will look first to the guy who meets her expectations or makes her feel best when they’re togehter. Or if she’s a gold digger, she’ll choose the guy with the most money. There’s nothing a man can really do to control a girl’s inherent preferences.

    • The victims archetype is a key component in seduction .

      • I actually just had to look that up haha. I’m interested, please explain further.

        • In the art of seduction by Robert Greene. Greene writes about 18 victim types.
          “Victims are categorized by what they feel they are missing in life- adventure, attention, romance, a naughty experience, mental or physical stimulation, etc. Once you identify their type, you have the necessary ingredients for a seduction: you will be the one to give them what they lack and cannot get on their own”

          18 is too many to remember in the moment, so I categorize my victims in 3 main categories: Nice girls, Gold diggers and freaks.

          Nice girls want someone who to treats them nice over looks and money.
          Gold diggers will go with the guy who will give them the most money, over looks and niceness.
          Freaks will go for the guy with the hot body over money and niceness.

          “There’s nothing a man can really do to control a girl’s inherent preferences.”

          It’s not about controlling their preference it’s about IDENTIFYING what their type is and creating the temptation of possibly giving them what they want.

          • Damn, that’s legit. I never thought about it that deeply.