Work truck caught on fire and blew up. Now what?

The work truck caught on fire today and blew up. 


It was a slow day at the store when my sister called me to tell me that the truck had an engine fire. I asked her if Joe was out there handling the situation and if she had called 911. She said yes and hung up.  It was probably a small engine fire and Joe had it handled, I thought to myself.

4 minutes later I called back for an update. She said there was an explosion and the fire was now in the cabin. Hearing the sirens in the background I closed the store and rushed home.

Police cars had closed the street and there was the 1993 F150 burnt to the bone.






The first 4 months of business have been going well. The business is turning a profit and we had been stocking up on inventory to capitalize on the income tax shopping sprees. Everything has been going according to plan until this ridiculously random spontaneous combustion! It’s one thing for the motor to seize or the transmission to give out but holy shit just catch on fire to where its unsalvageable ?

The resale value of the old truck was $800 to $1200 at most, but the utility it gave us was vital to our resale business and its annoying seeing it waste away in a matter of minutes. As I reflect, I’m in a better position now than I was 18 months ago, the business is working and have the resources to get another truck. For the most part this is just a minor set back.

Joe and I were already discussing getting another truck come January-February. Looks like we will be getting another one soon.

Its Funny because Glendon Cameron did a video today talking about a similar experience he had during his storage action days where his car just stopped but he had enough cash to get another one. The importance of having a business.

Not only are the first 12 minutes of this video FIRE but the fact that he mentions having car trouble during his storage auction days and his car exploding in the 27:40 minute mark, its eerie.

Shit happens, it’s part of the cost of doing business.

Ending the year with a bang.


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