What comes out of a paper airplane ?

With my nose inside the book titled INFLUENCE, I hardly notice this skinny old man waddling into the store. He asked if he could sit down and started with a sob story of how he has cancer in three of his organs. He asked me about the book I was reading and if I knew what comes out of paper airplane?

Asking me for some water, I offered him a coke but he said that he can no longer drink soda so I gave him the water. He went on to tell me that he was from Victoria, Texas and was sent to Harlingen by veterans affairs for some medical procedures.Pulling out his veterans affairs I.D. it was a lot like mine. We exchange some Navy jargon and after a while he was like look man the Navy paid for my medical expenses but they don’t want to pay for my bus ride home. I have $32 to my name. Is there any work I can do to earn $18? Thinking about if I should be believe this guy’s story, he asked me if I could give him a piece of paper so he could show me what comes out of a paper airplane. Giving him paper from my notebook, he told me the story of how he had died once by bleeding out while showing me scars in his arms.

He saw the brightest light he had ever seen and was surrounded by flowers. He body was made new as a beautiful angel came up to him and said “you have a choice” then the vomiting inducing smell of death surrounded him, he heard the screams of people, the laments of many and was surrounded by demons who had his way with him. An angel with beautiful armor came up to him. As he looked up he saw that only the armor of the angel was beautiful, not the angel itself.

The beautifully armored angel slapped him and said “You don’t have a choice, your mine”

Waking up he was told that he had been dead for four minutes and 30 some seconds.

With the paper airplane now complete. He tore off the top portion of the plane and said. “You have a choice, If you serve the lord with all your heart your life will be solid.

Tearing off a second layer of the paper airplane. He said ” If you don’t, you life will be in pieces”

Putting the rest of the solid airplane on the table he asked if I wanted my life to be solid or in pieces.

Not saying anything. He answered for me.

Handing me the solid piece of paper he said “you want your life to be solid, right?” “Go ahead it is for you, for helping me.” “open it up.”

The remainder of the plane turned into a cross once unfolded.

As I was unfolding the paper he spelled out the word hell with the torn pieces of paper. He went on to say ” You don’t want you life in pieces, I have been there before.”

He went on to show me a sleeve that he got to cover up his scars. It was a tree with deep roots on his forearm that went up to his biceps. On one side of the tree was the beautiful angel from the garden, on the other was the beautifully armored demon.

To be honest I had already made up my mind to help out an old navy dog, but I think, I did learn from the storytelling, the delivery and the props.

1. This is not the first time I give a couple of dollars to charity with money from the store.
2. Many of the homeless are veterans. Especially after living in San Diego CA, widely regarded as one of the nations largest homeless veterans population.

I have seen first hand the neglect of veterans.

During my training to be a truck driver. My training engineer and I where in a truck stop on our way to get some food. We were stopped by an older gentleman who said that he was a Vietnam marine veteran. He claimed that he was one of the legendary “four horseman” snipers! Yes he was wearing the sniper badge. Interestingly enough my training engineer was a medically retired marine and had missed the Olympic shooting team by one point. They hit off well.

Long story short. The legendary sniper was selling banana bread for money because veterans affairs had screwed him out of money to pay for his medical expenses. Shawn and I bought some bread.

If you are veteran and have had to deal with veterans affairs, you can sympathize with these guys.

With it almost being closing time, I gave him the $18 dollars and a ride.

Predisposed to help, pushing the right buttons.

Maybe being a navy veteran makes me predisposed to help another veteran
Maybe being brought up in a christian household, I’m predisposed to help a brother out.
Maybe I want to start the new year with a good deed, instead of going off the creed of greed “FUCK HOES GET MONEY
Maybe one day I will be an old veteran in need and a young veteran will take pity on me.

Ironically it doesn’t help that I saw this YouTube video yesterday.

I feel bad for the guy.

Is there really a group of older gentlemen taking advantage of troops by telling war stories with props?

Maybe I should stop giving money to the poor and FUCK HOES GET MONEY!

What do you think?

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