Ghost Game


No Name = Kiss
No Number = Sex

I have a theory called ghost game. With everybody being so connected to the internet and social media, it is hard to disconnect from the world and have any privacy. Anybody that studies seduction knows that discretion is a big key for women to have sex. Single women don’t want the reputation of being a ho and married women don’t want to be caught cheating. Ghost game allows you to fuck her without leaving an electronic paper trail.

Seeds of theory
Going Ghost
Ghost girl
Reversal of the Law


Seeds of theory

No Name = Kiss

Adam Lyons once told a story of a student he had who could consistently make out with women at the bar in under 10 minutes but could never get the lay. Observing the student in action, the stories were true he could consistently make out with women. Failing to take the interaction any further again, Adam asked the student if he asked the random girl for her name.

“Oh NO”, said the student. “I never ask the girl for her name because if I do, I can’t get the make out. but if I don’t I can get the make out.”

Sure enough the student proved that he could consistently get random make outs without getting the girls name.

If I remember correctly, Adam worked with him and started to get him laid.

The interesting question that stuck with me was. Why was it that that he could consistently make out with women in under 10 minutes but couldn’t do the same, if he had gotten her name?

No Number = Sex

Fast forward to a friend of mine Nasty Nomad. True to his name he lives a nomadic lifestyle while being “nasty”. He calls me up from time to time and would tell me stories of how he would get SNL’s in Atlanta, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Ocean City etc. Breaking down the seductions there was on thing in common.

At the end of each story I would ask him if he had gotten the girls number to possibly meet with them in the future for a “drive by”, if he was ever in town again.

He would never get their number.

During the course of his seductions, Nasty Nomad knew that.

1.They were DTF and were going to leave the club with him that night. There was no need to get their number.

2. Most of the girls he banged were also visiting and had the Vegas mentality “what happens here, stays here”.

In my opinion not getting the number worked on a subconscious level. If it was truly a fling with an attractive stranger, why exchange numbers? If it really was NSA, why have a paper trail?

Many attractive women have significant other. When on vacation, one might want to spice it up from the everyday vanilla.Why ruin it all with a one night stand? Ghost game allows her to spice it up without getting burnt?

No incriminating texts for her significant other to find?
No suspicious call during “booty call” hours for her better half to see and question.

And no Facebook snitching you out as a “suggested friend” on their joint account! “Who the fuck is this guy? Who was also tagged at such and such bar at such and such time” “Where did you and your friends have a girls night out again?”

Have you ever shaken someones hand and Facebook suggests them as a friend?
Have you ever had a jump off and Facebook suggests them as a friend?

Facebook is not your friend

Facebook has become a leading cause in divorce cases.
…a 2010 survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) found that four out of five lawyers used evidence derived from social networking sites in divorce cases, with Facebook leading the pack.

Going Ghost+ No Expose

I haven’t yet executed this concept yet, as I am on social media. I would like to do so in the future.

The way I would go about it is travel to somewhere where I haven’t been before, preferably a high tourist beach place.

Turn off my smart phone and buy a cheap burner phone. Day game, night game and keep my past mysterious.

Lets say you meet a girl who is a semi-celebrity due to her beauty. She is numbingly bombarded by social media notification everyday. She goes on vacation to “get away, escape”.

She finds you attractive but she has to guard her reputation.

Oh wait your a ghost.

1. The paparazzi can’t tag you and her to bring up dirt.

2. You can’t expose her. You can’t tag her on social media no electronic trail. You can’t take unflattering pictures of her because your phone doesn’t have a camera and even if you did you don’t have social media.

No black mailing. She will feel free to let her guard down.


Nasty Nomad and I, had a taste of this concept on our last trip to Punta Cana.

We were throwing the football around with some girls at the beach.The red head had caught all of our attention. The party invited us to their apartment for a BBQ and pregame. We all exchanged social media, except for red head.

She didn’t have any.

1. I was instantly attracted on the fact that she was beautiful but was narcissistic? Really can you find a girl that doesn’t have social media.

2. She had a fun nomadic personalty. She was down to drink, smoke bud, party. Real free spirited girl.

But there was more. It was like she was thinking the same thing Nasty Nomad and I were thinking. “What happens here, stays here” No NSA No repercussions.

As I talked to her she explained on how she is always busy and enjoying life. There is to much time wasted online and doesn’t care for the constant notification on trivial stuff. Sexy interesting girl.

She had attractive thing going for her but the fact that she had ghost game made her even more seductive.

Nasty Nomad did well with her but ultimately the logistics weren’t in his favor this time around.

The Reversal of the law

The reversal of the law is LIFESTYLE GAME. I do like lifestyle game and feel that it can give you more quantity in the long run. Basically lifestyle game is you, using your Facebook, Instagram etc as a big DHV. It is definitely the zeitgeist of the times but it is becoming a little sour as more and more people are fronting online.

There is definitely something seductive about ghost game.

A discreet, mysterious man, is an interesting man.

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