I’m broke I only have $8

I’m broke, I only have $8

At the gym working out the other day, a childhood friend came up and started talking to me. We exchanged pleasantries, blah blah blah.

He hasn’t been to the store yet but asked on how it was going. I told him that it has been going well and that it has turned a profit every month. This was his response.

“You must be doing well, making a bunch of money, working for yourself. I’m broke, I only have $8”

Due to his work schedule he is still on Christmas break.  My first thought with my entrepreneurial mind was. “If you had a side hustle you could have been making money during this long holiday break”.

He mentioned his kids and asked when I would have kids.

I do want kids but right now on keeping it simple. Focused on making money with the business and going to the gym.

He stared off into the weight room. I could kind of see that he wished he could be doing what I was doing, instead of being broke. It was almost as if the monotony of monogamy was starting to get to him.

For the most part my friend is on my side but its society who judges you. Especially the women.

“So when are going to have kids”, they say.
“I’m just focused on the business and making money” I counter.

It goes in one ear and out the other.

“Money is good, but it is not about money, when are you going to have kids?”

The hypocrisy of that statement is mind blowing to me. It really pisses me off. Women want a man who is established but then they try to take him down before he is established?

Starting and growing a business is like having a baby. It takes time, energy and resources but people with a poverty mindset don’t see that.

I’m not against having kids, I’m really not but having a kid within a time period of four months can make a HUGE difference in someones life. Example

September 1st is the first official opening day for the store. That means in August I had to invest a good deal of time, energy and money to open the store.

What if I had a newborn in August? That means my time, energy and money would have gone to the baby. The store would have never opened.

Last week the work truck spontaneously combusted. It must have been an electrical short? Whatever it was, the truck was a ticking time bomb.

Half of Americans can’t raise 2K in 30 days

Do you know were I got the money from to get another truck in 3 days? The profit from the store.

If I had a baby in August, where would I have gotten the money from?

Lets say I had a new born today. I would still get a new truck and the store will help provide for the baby. The store is only four months old BUT its helping and producing. Something as simple as the timing of four months makes a difference.

Society doesn’t see it though.

Maybe if I had kids and $8 dollars to my name, they will stop asking me stupid questions.


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