He has a Facebook stalker

Do you really want women stalking you?

One of my frequent customers came into the store yesterday, We started catching up,as he keep getting distracted by the notifications on his phone. Shaking his head, he revealed his frustration by telling me that he as a Facebook stalker.

He told me than he had gone on a date with a married woman and kissed her a couple times. His conscious wouldn’t let him continue the courtship, so he ended the relationship. Angered, the woman couldn’t deal with the rejection and began to defame him on Facebook. Blocking her, she retaliated by creating multiple fake profiles to friends his friends. Allowing her to spy and defame him on Facebook. She has been doing this for the past 18 months.
It’s funny because a couple of days ago I did a post on ghost game. It’s even more interesting because here we a male being the victim of online stalking. My client is an “entertainer”. I wouldn’t that he is the most attractive man in the room but he has a good sense of style and knows how to work the crowd. In a way, he is a semi local celebrity and his Facebook profile shows and active social LIFESTYLE.

Digging deeper into the story. I asked him if he told the husband about his crazy wife. He had already told him but the husband didn’t believe him. Not only that but he had caught her cheating before and gave her another chance! Crazy cuck !

He does have some market value going for him but it is nowhere near the market value of gorgeous women with tons of followers or famous celebrities. I can only imagine the amount of stalkers they have to deal with on the daily basis. Especially with all the crazy creepy thirsty dudes out there.

I asked him if, he wasn’t an entertainer and had lots of money would he still be on Facebook? Initially he said NO, but because he likes his craft, he would still perform once a month as opposed to every gig he can get.

The question I forgot to ask him was. “If you met a girl who is not on any social media, would you find that attractive?” I’ll make a mental note to ask him next time.

After dealing with a Facebook stalker, I’m sure he would be intersted in meeting someone who is not all up in his motherfucking business.

Less drama no electronic paper trails

I know a player who has Facebook but doesn’t friend request the women he is banging as way to avoid any unnecessary drama.

There are many people who cheat. Even though they might find you attractive, one of the ways you can unknowingly screen yourself out is by asking to friend them on Facebook because they don’t want their “significant other” to find out. When your running Ghost Game, they understand that you won’t kiss and tell. And that big brother Mark Zuckerberg won’t snitch them out.

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