What is he going to do for her?

I was the last to find out that my cousins wife cheated on him, by marrying another man. When mom broke the news, I let her know that it was wrong. Mom replied with. “What is he going to do for her?”

Apparently it’s not till death do us part, It’s who can do the most for me?

The definition of Hypergamy.

Hypergamy (colloquially referred to as “marrying up“) is a term used in social science for the act or practice of a woman marrying a man of higher caste or social status than herself.

The 10 laws of hypergamy

Here is the back story. My extended family live in Honduras. My cousin married his wife in Honduras. He lived with her parents as he worked for her dads construction business. She eventually got a visa to come to the states. Once in the states it only took her a couple of months to get pregnant from another man and marry him.

This response from my blue pill mother pissed me off, for various reasons. Here are some of many

The Religion. 

The Double Standard.

There is no such thing as a woman’s word.

The Religion

First of all marriage being the construct of the church. Should be based on LOVE, not “What is he going to do for her.” How can someone claim to be a christian, advocate marriage but when the women makes a move for Hypergamy, give the thumbs up? Was that really your first thought? Yes, I  understand “foreigner value” and that the guy in America can provide a better life for her. But what happened to “LOVE”? What happened “Till death do us part?” Was it all bullshit?

The Double Standard

Usually it’s the other way around. The man makes the trek to america, to work hard and send back money to his family.

There are two types of men who do this. The first is the guy who works hard and sends money to provide for his family. The second is the guy who forgets about his family and starts fooling around.

When the second guy starts fooling around, everybody can agree that he fucked up. But when a woman does it. The people say “Well, what was her former (poorer) husband going to do for her?”

“Love is a concept invented by poor people.” – Brandon Wade

There are also those who start another family in the states but still have the integrity to send money back to their kids.

A woman’s word?

A man’s word is a man’s word. Everything can be taken away from him except his word. Only the man himself can chip away at the integrity of his word.

If man says that he will be there on the 1st of the month, he will be there.

If he says that he will pay up then, he will pay up.

Men who don’t keep their word are viewed as lesser men, untrustworthy. A character flaw that one doesn’t want to associate with.

Yet that standard doesn’t exist with women. From Eve to Pandora, women aren’t judged by their words as much as by their fertility.

There a few women who can keep their word but I find those women to be rarer than gold.

Having been a faithful lover since middle school. What was in it for my cousin?

What do the parents in law say?

When asked when am I going to get married. Maybe I should ask.

“What is she going to do for me?”

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