Natural Leader tactics #1 It’s Their Idea

I have come across many leaders in my life, some are better than others. What is interesting for me, is separating those who were born to lead vs those who are forced to lead because of their, position, rank, seniority, etc…

Leadership can be learned but what is it about those who just seem to naturally be leaders?

After being around so many natural leaders, I can now see some patterns.

The most obvious technique for me to see is what I call, “It’s their Idea.”

Example 1

Back in my navy days, a group of us would gather at Jeter’s (the leader) house during the weeknights to pregame. Jeter would start by saying “Lets go some where else tonight besides Club-X.” The guys would brainstorm and eventually come to the conclusion to go to Club-X. Jeter would shoot the idea down by saying that some thing better would pop up. We would continue to bullshit and drink. As the night wasted away getting closer to midnight, Jeter would jump up and say LETS GO TO CLUB-X ! The group would get excited and go to Club-X on his command.

Example 2

John, Jacob and I are planing a solution for an obstacle in the business. Jacob and I come up with a plan by saying we should do THIS, then we should do THAT, John nods his head in agreement.

John finds a minor task to do and comes back a couple minutes later. “Okay guys we are going to do THIS,then we are going to do THAT.

Jacob responds by saying “That what I said”.


In both examples, someone would respond by saying, “That’s what I said”. Falling on deaf ears the leader gives a blank stare and rarely shares the credit.

Two things are happening when leaders do this.

1. Even thought the group had agreed on a plan of action. It has to happen on their command. They want to feel in control, it’s their idea.

2. When people were sitting around, talking about a solution. Nothing got done. When the Leader stood before the group, raised his voice and said “LETS DO THIS!” Who looks like the alpha male?

Someone on the outside looking in would say, That guy is the alpha male. Everybody was talking about it but HE mobilized the troops.

In a way the leader is exercising Law #7 Of the 48 Laws of Power: Get others to do the work for you (and take the credit).

Call out if you wish

In a neutral setting one can call him out on it. If you care for “dominance” and “controlling the frame.” Remember in the first setting it was at the leaders house, so tactically the setting was in his favor.

But if the Leader is clearly superior to you be weary of violating Law #1 Never Outshine the Master. Don’t be the new guy talking shit to the boss.

Understanding the mind

For the most part I don’t really give a shit about fighting for “dominance”. My interest is in understanding the mind. How natural leaders think and spotting their Subconscious techniques they use to lead people.

In my opinion it’s just the way certain people process information. When the group is talking the leaders conscious mind takes in the information. The leader then leaves to do a minor task. During that time his subconscious mind absorbs the information. Going through it to make sure that it is a solid plan. Once the subconscious mind agrees with the plan, the leader spits out the plan with conviction as if it is his own idea.

You will want to say “That’s what I said!”

Just understand the type of person you are dealing with.

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