Keyboard Jockeys Lack Calibration

There is a lot of keyboard jockeys that can type the type, talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? 

For the most part the term keyboard jockey is associated with negative connotations. Keyboard warriors, Facebook gangsters and trolls, tend to be people who think they know it all, like to argue with people online for the sake of arguing and can sit in front of their computers all day because they have nothing better to do with their lives.

Let say that there are some keyboard jockeys who scientifically have by the book knowledge and are genuinely trying to help.

What’s the problem? They lack calibration


Lets say your a novice in the gym and want to build muscle mass (Hypertrophy). You go online and ask for help. The keyboard jockey give you by the book ( per NASM) information.

Reps  Sets  Tempo  %Intensity  Rest  Frequency  Duration  Exercise Selection
6-12   3-5     2/0/2     75-85%  0-60s  3-6 week    4 weeks    2-4 strength level body part


For easy math, lets say you 1 rep maximum for bench press is 100lbs.  85lbs is 85% of your 1 rep max. You go into the gym and workout with 85lbs.

You then have a conversation with the keyboard jockey and ask him what is his 1 rep max. They keyboard jockey responds with.

“I don’t know bro” Then gives you an excuse as to why he hasn’t gone to the gym in months. He has the KNOWLEDGE but lacks the CALIBRATION.

They don’t know how you feel in the moment

Lets say you strain your pectoral pushing yourself in the gym. You feel a sharp pain in your upper right chest when you push.

Conventional wisdom says “No Pain No Gain!”  BULLSHIT. There is a difference between pain from pushing yourself and pain from injury.
You go to your favorite online forum and asks for answers. You get all kinds of answers from doctors who graduated from webmd.com. “Over training, Improper form, Pulled muscle, malnutrition, pinched nerve, joint pain all kinds of stuff online. Any doctor worth their salt knows better than to diagnose someone over the internet without seeing the patient in person.

The problem is that a lot of these injuries have similar symptoms and even more confusing the same words are used to describe the pain. “Sudden sharpness, inflammation, loss of strength, grinding” .

The person who can help you the most is someone who has knowledge of the injury and has experienced the injury themselves or worked with people with the same injury. The knowledge plus experience equals wisdom. Wisdom is what separates general keyboard knowledge vs esoteric knowledge. This wisdom will give the person the calibration to best work with your injury.

Can you find knowledge online yes. But taking action is what gives one experience, experience gives one wisdom plus Calibration.

Calibration is built in the gym. If your arms are shaking and you can’t do more then 5 reps, lower the weight.

If the weight is to light, increase the weight.

How do you know if the weight is to light or too heavy?


There is a lot of knowledge online that one can learn from. Yet one can exponentially grow by having a workout partner, trainer, mentor who will be there in person because they can calibrate to your needs accordingly in the moment.


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