Living in Ecuador for $180 a month a Loco Gringo’s experience

“I’m not a tourist. I’m a local, the locals love me…I have a two bedroom furnished apartment for $180 in a nice part of town.”

Siting in the store today, another crazy old man came by to shoot the shit. He came in looking for Joe and if the items he had seen earlier where in the store.

He sat down and asked if I had a brief case for sale. He was on his way to Ecuador.

What takes you to Ecuador? What’s it like? I asked.

“It heaven, I live in Ecuador just came back to the states because I have prostate cancer and needed to straighten some things out.”

“I have a two bedroom furnished apartment for $180 in a nice part of town.” My ears perked up.

“My electric bill is $5 a month. I don’t cook just make coffee in the morning. A quarter chicken meal runs me about $1.50. You can’t beat it.”

I think he said $180 but he probably said $800. He had a slur on his words. Looking it up on this what I found.

On Numbeo.com a 3 bedroom apartment in the city center run $804.35. 

Then I found this. 

Apartment rental prices depend on the location in the city, but tend to cost about $80-$450 USD per month.

I pay $175 USD a month – all utilities included – for a private room with private bathroom in a fully furnished five-bedroom rent-by-the-month place in the Mariscal.

Another website sited this.

their total monthly expenses are just $580. This includes maid service, pet expenses, and rent on a new 1,200-square-foot apartment. Their rent is $150 a month !

Maybe this loco gringo isn’t so loco after all.

The average salary in Quito Ecuador is $483. It makes sense that one can find housing at a third of $483, there is no way a local would be able to afford two months of pay for one months rent.

“How the girls?” I provoked.


“There is a club I go to. It’s called the doll house. The door fee is $40, half a weeks pay for the locals. Its a restaurant, hotel, gentlemans club (whorehouse), gambling. It’s all there, you never have to leave” He smiled.

Missing a finger

He told me story on how he paid $400 on a high class Colombian hooker named Loli.

“You paid a (Ecuadoran) months pay !?” I asked alarmed.

“She was super, I wanted the pussy and I got it dammit!”

He told me that Loli was missing half her index finger because she belonged to the Colombian drug dealers and tried to escape. They had bought her tits and ass and she still needed to pay the debt.

Another one

“There was another girl that got me at the Hilton.” ( I think he said Hilton). “We agreed on $50 and went back to my place. I offered her a cerveza as I went to go to take a shower. I don’t know I like to feel clean before sex. Invited her to take a shower with me but he didn’t want to . Once I got out of the shower I saw that she still hadn’t opened her cerveza. I took that as a sign, something was up. ”

“Next thing I know I wake up the next day bouncing up and down the walls. She had spiked my beer and took $90 USD. She took my pocket knife too, that really pissed me off. I never saw her again.”

“I go to the casino every other day and the pros know I’m always in the area. I buy them coffee from time to time and shot the shit with them. Once day this beautiful dark chocolate Colombian and this white skin Paisa Colombian, she was whiter than me, offer me, both of them for $30. I’m bang one from behind and sucking titties from the other.”

Crazy old man.

I asked him if he had internet in his apartment he said no. He then said that he always gets on the web at the restaurants that he goes to. He also said that it Quito is very tourist friendly and he doesn’t really feel in danger. Of course you always have to watch yourself.

Getting to know him more

I’m not normal. I’m crazy, I was a fighter pilot, I’m trained to KILL.

I think he was army I can’t remember exactly what he said.

He then recommend a book to me called The GREEN KING. He said that it would offer insight to his past life.

The synopsis is that at the end of world war 2, a guy at a Nazi camp was paralyzed and could only move his eyes. He is rescued and becomes the richest man in the world, only to leave the money behind to live with his people? Something like that.

I’m guessing that he once fell into a lot of money but gave it up for the minimalism of Quito Ecuador?

I had heard stories before on how cheap Ecuador is but it has been years. It was interesting hearing it from the perspective of a crazy old man who actually lives there.

He left the store saying.

“I’m not a tourist. I’m a local, the locals love me,they call me LOCOl gringo.

And I like it.”

I would like to check out Quito one day but Ecuador has my interest for other means.


It has the elixer of life. 

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